Glove repalming and customizations

Customer Comments


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note  to thank you for the work you have done on my gloves!  You have far  exceeded my expectations with your work and turn time. I have used other  repair companies in the past and you are the best in the industry".

Bill Hutchinson

 "Thank you for doing such an amazing job on  my gloves.  They are Oakley Mace gloves, a model that aren't made  anymore, the look and feel you gave them is better than the original.  I  got the Digital Grey palms and they have a great feel to them.  The  break in/getting used to them process was little to none, felt great as  soon as I griped a stick with them.  The price was refreshingly  affordable too, worth every penny for the craftsmanship that was put  into the seams attaching the fingers to the new palm.  I have already  recommended your company to a few guys on my team with one of the guys  soon to be shipping you out a pair of gloves.  I will definitely come  back to you guys for future work.  Thank you for the great customer  service, speedy return and top notch work."


I applaud you on your craftsmanship and  will most certainly use Hockey Menders for all my glove repalming in the  future and highly recommend you to anyone I see with gloves that need  some TLC.
Well done Joe! Thank you!"

Nick Reder

 "Just received my re-palmed gloves and they  are awesome! I am so happy that you guys were able to breathe new life  back into my old gloves. The new palms are fantastic and the  craftmanship is very high quality. Thank you very much and I look  forward to using them next time I am on the ice!"


" I got the gloves on Wednesday, sorry  for taking so long to get back to you. Your work is awesome!! The gloves  look great, and I'm super happy with the job you did on them. I've  gotten to play a few times in them and it's nice to have them again and  have a glove that feels good again. You have me as a lifelong customer  from now on and I will definitely be telling and showing my fellow  players the great work you have done for me and I'm sure they will be  giving you some of their business as well. I thought your turnaround  time was quick also and I just cannot be more pleased with your service.  Thanks so much again for a great job and I will definitely be giving  you a call again for my future repairs. It's great to know there is  somebody you can trust for a really good quality job. "
Thanks again for a super job!!

  Joe Wade 

"The gloves arrived the other day, awesome job...they're perfect"