Hockey repair service, glove repalming and customizing.


To our customers with older gloves

 Due to the large number of gloves being sent in that are decades old and in extremely poor condition....please contact us first by phone or email (use the “contact us page”) to discuss your gloves. If they are more than a few years old, and or are in extremely poor condition we need to evaluate if they are something we will do before they are sent in. Also gloves that are covered in mildew and mold may be subject to a cleaning-disinfecting (additional fee) before we work on them. Also, all leather gloves may require conditioning to soften dry leather so that it can be worked on. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. 


Hockey Glove Repalming and equipment repairs

Full Service Hockey Equipment Repair

We repair all types of hockey gear. Pants, bags, elbow, shoulder and shin pads, including replacing shin pad knee caps. Velcro and elastic replacement, buckles, snaps and suspender buttons. 

Glove Repalming

We offer a full line of repalming services. A large range of palm materials including Nash, Pittard leathers, genuine AX suede, several natural leathers, a MSH3 replacement, SureGrip and others. Gusset changes and repairs, with multiple gusset material choices available. We also offer palm customization that makes for endless palm-overlay possibilities. 

Team Orders

Team/group orders are welcome. Call/email for current turn times.

Goal Gear

Re-gloving of blockers and general blocker repair. Customization and repair of arm and chest units, new elastic, Velcro, buckles and snaps. 

What our customers say......

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Whats the current turn time?

Turn time varies based on work load. Call or email.

How much does a repalm cost?

All repalming and glove service fees are on the Service Fees page.

How do I send my gear?

Shipping procedure is outlined on the Shipping Your Gear to Us page

How do I pay?

A PayPal invoice will be emailed upon completion of the work.